WISH: 'Block images from this domain' option to show the domain ('Block images from www.example.com')

Morning all,

I've just started roadtesting Firebird after having tried (and given up on)
earlier incarnations of Mozilla. First off: well done. Firebird's
page-rendering speed is sensational.

Secondly, I've got a (small, and I think easy) wish to add to the sizeable
pile. At the moment the context menu that pops up when right-clicking an
image (i.e. ads) lets you "Block images from this domain". This is a great
feature, but I don't want to block domains if they serve both ads and normal

At the moment I have to right-click the image, select 'Properties' and check
the image's URL to see if the domain makes it obvious that it's an adserver
and *then* choose to block it's domain.

It would be great if the "Block images from this domain" instead read "Block
images from ads.example.com". That way you'd know which domain you'd be



9/3/2003 1:20:39 AM
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>It would be great if the "Block images from this domain" instead read
>images from ads.example.com". That way you'd know which domain you'd be

I'd like to second that - excellent idea

-- Greg �no amount of planning will ever replace dumb luck� Nicholson

9/16/2003 6:57:07 PM

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