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IPhone 5S phone from company =93Apple=94 31% faster than iPhone 5 phone, de=
pending on what the television broadcaster reported in a channel (Fox News)=
 U.S. Clayton Morris, via his account in the site =93Twitter.=94
The phone will include =93iPhone 5S=94 processor type A7 which is 31% faste=
r compared to the A6 processor running phone =93iPhone 5S=93, which makes t=
he phone =93iPhone 5s=94 very fast.
Transfer site (9to5Mac) specialist in news =93Apple=94, that the U.S. compa=
ny made ??the A7 processor type running under 64-bit environment in some ph=
one models =93iPhone 5s.=94
According to experts, the provides 64-bit processors for mobile ability to =
run better graphics.
iPhone 5S phone comes golden color, in addition to black and white.
11/6/2013 12:18:20 PM
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