superreview cancelled: [Bug 251589] XUL tab focus indication should appear inside the tab : [Attachment 153423] Same fix for Seamonkey <> has cancelled Aaron
Leventhal <>'s request for superreview:
Bug 251589: XUL tab focus indication should appear inside the tab

Attachment 153423: Same fix for Seamonkey

------- Additional Comments from
You need class="box-inherit" and various xbl:inherits in case someone wants to
e.g. swap the text and icon. See button.xml for example. Have you tried Venkman
with this patch? I think you might need to adjust the display of its little
tabs. You should also try to use a unique class rather than a generic tag for
your style rules. Can you explain why you might possibly need that min-width?
Finally r+sr is a layout convenience, it does not apply to xpfe, until jag et
al decide that it does.
7/16/2004 7:08:54 PM
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