Firefox can't open from URL on other App, can't shut down.

Until now, I had been using Firefox v1.0.2. 
Beginning yesterday, it became impossible to open a browser by clicking on a
URL in either Polarbar Mailer or Pronews/2. There was one exception to this,
at a time when there was no open Firefox window at all, when clicking on a 
URL did open a browser; that never happened if a Firefox window was already 
Shutting down Firefox in the usual way is now also impossible, unless it is 
done before much activity has taken place in the browser (only after a 
period of activity in the browser do these symptoms occur). It is possible 
to make the FF window close, but the desktop object remains crosshatched, as
though FF was still open, although FF does NOT appear in the Task List or in
Lswitcher. Related to this is the fact or that it is also impossible to shut
down the OS, presumably because OS/2 thinks Firefox is still running.
Hoping that all this was the result of corruption in the FF directory, I 
took the opportunity to update to Firefox v1.0.3, but the new version 
behaves like the old one, so I assume that the corruption is in the profile 
somewhere (profile is kept in a Moz_Home directory). 
Before I set about rebuilding a profile from scratch, let me ask: Does any 
of this suggest a likely culprit, in the profile or elsewhere, that might be
responsible for these symptions?
This is eCS v1.1.
Stan Goodman
Qiryat Tiv'on
5/11/2005 12:39:52 PM
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