Mozilla/ Firefox log in problems

Mozilla 1.7 rc 1 but also happened with Firefox
Windows 2000


At work I have to log into the company network (domain) when booting the 
pc. When I open Mozilla/Firefox I am prompted to log into the network
IE does not prompt me

I installed Firefox and one day I received an email from the network 
admin who said I was pinging the server many times and asked what 
programs I had recently installed
I told him Firefox and he said to uninstall it

He was not sure this was doing this, I thought maybe one of the plugins 
I used was doing something but after I uninstalled it I received no more 
  messages from him

I used Crazy Browser for awhile - nice program that adds tabbed browsing 
for IE but I still liked Mozilla more. I use it at home

I installed 1.7 rc1 and got an IM instant message from him saying they 
were getting hundreds of failed logins messages for my pc

No plugins this time and I uninstalled it again
I installed MyIE2 today which is like Crazy Browser for IE

I also ran Ad Aware / Spybot but just cookies came up

Question:  Anyone else using Mozilla/Firefox at work where you log into 
a domain and having problems?


5/26/2004 1:46:45 AM
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