Firefox 1.0.6 and Firefox 1.0 display problem

With Firefox 1.0 I consistently and without fail, on every single page
load, had a problem with the page loading to completion in the browser
window and then hanging for about 15-18 seconds before I could do anything
with the browser, including closing it down or using any of the navigation
buttons, including page scrolling. What would happen is that the page would
finish loading, display OK, and be functional for perhaps a couple of
seconds, and then hang for 15 or so seconds, and then become usable again..
This happened even when I returned to a cached page. It became so annoying
that I finally gave up and returned to Firefox 0.8, which never had the
hang problem.
A couple of days ago I decided to download Firefox 1.0.6 in hopes that the
hang problem had been fixed, but I find that I'm still experiencing it
exactly as I did with Firefox 1.0. And, as before, Firefox 0.8 works just
fine, no hang at all. 
Firefox 1 and 1.06 are the only apps giving me this problem, so it's not a
matter of changing hardware acceleration, etc. I can load, scroll, edit,
etc a 100 meg file in Photoshop with no trouble at all. And I spend most of
my day working on large publication files with no problems of this sort.
Only with Firefox 1 and above. By the way, WinXP, 512 megs ram, lots of
disk space, etc.
Is there a solution to this problem?
9/14/2005 8:55:03 PM
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