Use of Categories | General "Real" World Uses

I've been using the Firebird extension of the Mozilla Calendar and I 
like it better than my use of Outlook 2000 in terms of layout and open 
standard file format. Much thanks to the people who keep this project 
moving forward.

I read somewhere in bugzilla (on the topic of Categories) that the first 
priority was to get Category functionality working, and then MAYBE think 
about implementing the ability to assign multiple categories to a single 
task/appointment/et cetera (whatever the proper nomenclature is for 
dated items input by the user and acted upon as an "object" ...)

What is the current thinking on the ability to use multiple categories 
on a single item? Is there a development roadmap for Sunbird? If so, is 
this functionality on the roadmap? If it is on the map, can anyone guess 
at a likely time frame, whether in weeks, months or years?

Personally, I'd like to see something similar to the "virtual" folders 
thing I saw in this Apple application a friend showed me - I think it 
was iCal, but might have been the mail program or the address book.

I found the ability to assign multiple categories to items VERY useful 
in Outlook. And using the KeySuite app for the Palm OS, this has worked 
extremely well on my PDA also.

As I figure out how to use Mozilla with my Palm OS device, multiple 
categories will become almost a necessity. At a great inconvenience to 
myself, I have refused to load Microsoft Office on my laptop. I am 
solely relying on Thunderbird, Firebird, Sunbird and Open Office. I do 
not want to install Outlook, but I'm about to get busy with my clients 
and will need some HEAVY duty flexibility (and ease of use) from my 
Time-Client management programs.

Hate to be so "me" centered, my thinking here is that if enough people 
share how they are using Sunbird in a "real" world environment, it might 
help. Dunno. Hope so.

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1/21/2004 9:06:44 PM
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