Bookmarks? Who Needs Bookmarks?

I do not like the Moz 1.6 BM mgr, so I decided to export my BM to NS 7.0 (see 
below--4.75 realization) to manipulate the BM in the old mgr. I created a file called 
bookmarks_moz_out.html, 630K. I imported it into 7.0 and found that about 2-300 BM 
were missing from the end. I also realized the BM mgr for 7.0 is not what I wanted. I 
think 4.75 or so was. 7.0 seems to be the same az Moz 1.6. I searched for bookmark* 
files and found what now appears to be the Moz 1.6 file. It too was truncated in # of 
entries. However, it's size was something like 1.3M. This suggests maybe it does 
contain the rest of the entries. Is there anyway to find out?

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7/10/2004 5:54:44 PM
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