TB is not resilient on connection failures


Thunderbird should be more resilient when a connection fails 
momentarily. Supose for example I give focus to a given imap folder, but 
there is no connection in that exact moment. TB issues an alert telling 
that it couldn't connect to the server, and then simply stops responding 
to any subsequent action I do. Then I close the program and open it 
again, and then it starts re-populating the entire folder in which the 
connection failure occurred, messing up with all of customizations I've 
made before. For example: If I had re-ordered the folder's columns, they 
are set back to the standard order. If I had marked the folder to always 
sync on receiving messages, it sets back to not syncing... And so on.

I'm using TB 52 on Windows 10. I hope it all gets fixed.

7/30/2018 6:55:02 PM
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