tags lost by moving IMAP messages

Imap message has originally been moved by a filter to a subfolder of inbox.

When finding the email, I tagged it (->red), then moved it back to inbox.
When opening the inbox, I had the email, but the tag was gone.

a) my email server does not store tags (it is optional by the RFC, they refuse to implement it). So I loose tags if downloading emails to another PC. OK.

b) but inside TB - when the message is moved - in principle, TB could keep the tags? But it seems the email is copied to inbox, then deleted in subfolder, and re-downloaded without tags.
But messageid, glodaid etc. are known, so TB could preserve the tag? Or not? Bug or planned behaviour?

I think before 52.9 that did not happen but am not quite sure.


7/17/2018 5:23:58 PM
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