No date in Date field

I have just installed thunderbird on my system.  I migrated from outlook 
express.  All the mail that was there before shows both the date and the 
time in the date field.  However, all mail received by thunderbird only has 
a time stamp, no date.  How do I correct this??


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_Roger Bailey_ spoke thusly on 29/08/2006 10:09 PM:
> I have just installed thunderbird on my system.  I migrated from outlook 
> express.  All the mail that was there before shows both the date and the 
> time in the date field.  However, all mail received by thunderbird only has 
> a time stamp, no date.  How do I correct this??

By default, Thunderbird does not show the date on messages sent on the 
current date. (Those messages will the date, when the clock strikes 
To turn it off, go to Tools-->Options-->Advanced-->General, and click on 
"Config Editor". In the Config Editor, right-click on any preference, 
and choose New-->Integer.
Preference name:


For more info, see:
Chris Ilias
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