Most secure email services?

I'm running TB 45.8 on an older win 7 64 bit. My email(s) got hacked, 
the hacker got into some of my banking info & was able to steal $1000, 
which fortunately, the bank is eating.  I've been online a LONG time 
(early 90's) and have about 15 email accounts I access on TB, several 
well over 20 years old. At this point, I'm not certain which accounts 
have been entered, aside from one which I am sure of.  I feel ALL my 
emails may have been compromised, and I am planning to close them.  Can 
anyone suggest a particularly good email, in terms of security?  One 
trouble is that you can't simply open an account, without giving them 
ANOTHER account as your "backup", and as long as I have been doing this, 
ALL my accounts are probably tied together by this process.  Any 
suggestions for setting up a couple secure "gmail" type accounts (not 
just from your ISP) would be greatly appreciated!  Also, how do you 
COMPLETELY close an email account?  I'm guessing that varies by 
provider, I have gmail, yahoo, hotmail, rocketmail, and live accounts.
8/1/2018 3:18:18 AM
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