how do i backup my profile

I installed SeaMonkey when I bought my PC in 2011. Like others, I am having problems with SeaMonkey now. I have so many questions, so I'll ask one at a time.

I am using version 2.49.4 -- I stopped doing updates, because they seemed to be getting worse. I see that SM has released version 2.53.4.

The instructions warn:  "You MUST absolutely do a full backup of your profile before trying SeaMonkey 2.53.4."

How do I do that? I want to keep my emails, bookmarks, and passwords intact.

BTW, I'm running Windows 10, 12 GB of RAM, and an I7 CPU.

10/9/2020 12:16:54 AM
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For 2.49.4:

1.  On the menu bar, select [Help > Troubleshooting Information].

2.  On the Troubleshooting Information window, under Application Basics, select the Open Folder button to the right of Profile Folder.

3.  Note the name of the folder just below the Windows Explorer title bar.

4.  To the left of the name of the folder in Windows Explorer, select the up arrow.

5.  Copy the the folder to someplace else on your PC.

Repeat the above if you have multiple profiles. I would do this every time I updated SeaMonkey.

I have now frozen my SeaMonkey version at 2.49.5; that is, I no longer update. That is because later versions are not compatible with extension I use. There are no equivalent compatible extensions and no inherent capabilities in SeaMonkey that provide the same functionality.

David E. Ross
10/9/2020 4:40:01 AM
Assuming Windows (any version, even 2000 or XP):

Use the Explorer and enter %APPDATA%\Mozilla into the address bar. Copy the Seamonkey folder to another location, such as your downloads folder. If you need to recover a backup, simply reverse, copying from Downloads back to %APPDATA%\Mozilla.


Because Mozilla data is not intended to be interacted with directly at file level, it's located in a hidden folder, and you won't find the folder by simple browsing unless you set the Explorer to show hidden files and folders. However, the %APPDATA% construct ignores hidden folders.

One aside -- unless you are in the habit of doing full-image backups, it's likely that you're not getting backups of your Seamonkey profile. If your backup tool supports environment variables, you should make sure you include %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Seamonkey in what is getting backed up. 

If your backup tool won't let you do that, then I suggest the same procedure as above, where you copy the Seamonkey folder to a location that is normally included in backups.

10/9/2020 3:21:49 PM
copy .mailrc backupdevice/.mailrc

GerardJan Vinkesteijn-Rudersdorff
10/9/2020 3:33:30 PM
sorry, i meant this:
copy .mozilla backupdevice/.mozilla

GerardJan Vinkesteijn-Rudersdorff
10/9/2020 3:34:41 PM
As well as backing up the profile, also take note of the following paragraph near the top of the release notes if you use a master password:

> Important only if you upgrade from 2.49.5 or an earlier version: Due to changes in the user profile, if you have set a master password, you will have to remove it before upgrading to SeaMonkey 2.53.4. After a successful upgrade, don't forget to manually remove the files key3.db and cert8.db in your profile afterwards, as they include credentials and passwords no longer protected by a master password. You can find the path to your profile folder entering the special about:support URL in a SeaMonkey browser window. 

> You can remove your master password by providing an empty password in the "Change Master Password" dialog. Do not use the "Reset Password" function. You will lose all stored passwords this way.

key3.db and cert8.db might not exist after SeaMonkey has updated the profile. Check the numbers in those file names - DO NOT delete key4.db and cert9.db, since those are the versions in the new format.

After starting SeaMonkey for the first time and allowing it to convert the profile, you can set the master password again. It just needs to be cleared before upgrading and running the new version for the first time so that it can do the conversion.

10/9/2020 6:57:42 PM
I am under 2.53.3 and I have all those 4 files ...
10/9/2020 10:07:12 PM
Dear Ray,

I am using the /Bourne shell/

GerardJan Vinkesteijn-Rudersdorff
10/10/2020 6:29:56 AM
Additonally, to backup extensions use FEBE or mozbak extension, others
10/10/2020 3:04:37 PM
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