Can I stop all the "Flipping & Flopping" on FoxNews ?

I used to visit "FoxNews" web site, but it is so filled with THIS & THAT loading and the screen never settles down due to krap loading constantly!

Is there some way to stop that? Ad Blocking just causes more "Please Turn Off Ad Blocker" prompts. A good web site is now TRASHED UP with so many ads, it is worthless! Everything else is trash.

11/13/2020 12:46:59 AM
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Try disabling JavaScript (which is NOT Java). I have PrefBar 7.1.1 installed with SeaMonkey 2.49.5. PrefBar has two JavaScript controls.

One is plain "javaScript", which globally enables or disables JavaScript; this one should be setup when you install PrefBar. The other is "prefbartabjavascript", which enables or disables JavaScript only for the current tab; this one needs to be moved from Available to Enabled if you Customize PrefBar.

David E. Ross
11/13/2020 1:50:00 AM
Or consider managing scripting with NoScript.

I haven't seen foxnews, but most media sites have a significant number of sites serving scripts. Some scripting sites are essential for seeing content, especially the site's own scripting host, content delivery networks (often with "cdn" in the name), and external sites used for defense against DDoS attacks such as cloudfront and cloudflare -- those are all things you generally want/need to keep enabled. Beyond that, there's numerous hosts that are used for tracking and ad delivery.

I tend to be aggressive about blocking scripting hosts, and whitelisting when necessary to get what I want.  For sites that I trust, I will permanently whitelist, but there's a lot of sites that I will whitelist only when it's necessary to get to what I want.  And in some cases, blocking is enough that it's disruptive to graphical content, either completely suppressing things like photographs, or where graphical content is distorted (e.g., thumbnails that are expanded to much larger size) or odd layout.  For me, that's mostly OK, because often, I don't really care about the photos, anyway.

However, with blocking, I also don't see a lot of animated content, and that's usually enough to block most EU cookie notifications. On the latter, I assume sites are setting cookies, and I don't really care, because I have Seamonkey set to flush cookies at the end of a session, anyway.

Doing the amounts of temporary whitelisting I do is probably not for most people, but for many users, with a little tinkering it is possible to come up with a mix of what's allowed and what's permanently blocked, in way that you find satisfactory.

For foxnews, I suggest starting off with blocking everything, and then enabling hosts one at a time, especially the ones that aren't obviously ad or tracking related.

However, with the NoScript approach enabling/blocking is something that is global, and your permissions grants or denials apply to all sites, not just one site.

Thus, if you block google-analytics (which I've found is safe to do), that blocks for all sites.  On the other hand, there's several Google scripting sites that you may need to leave unblocked, such as Google Tag Manager, Google's API and AJAX servers and Gstatic (which serves fonts and other static content).

11/13/2020 3:08:38 PM
Fox webpages will continue to flip-flop, code changed as they see fit, and there is very little to stop it if you wish to read Fox News or other Fox websites.

Try avoiding Fox Crap! There are options. There are several hosts on Fox with major credibility, and they are being setup to be trashed, soon. Fox controls what you see, and how you see it. Indoctrination!

Avoid the 49cent hamburger that makes you sick!

Recent pubs expose the true owner, politics, and power of Fox. It is part of the MSM, the cabal if you wish, the global politics, not free press reporting. Part of the CNN(Counterfeit News Network) global group of power brokers, indirectly. They use you every time you visit their website. Then they track you and use you later.

To You, The Best of luck in deciphering this mess! And keep me informed directly if you wish!
11/13/2020 4:17:28 PM
Can you give an exact URL to a page and explain what you expect to see on it (e.g. a news story about xyz), and compare with what you see instead (e.g. a video starts playing after five seconds, or the text jumps to the top of the screen)

Gerry Hickman (London UK)
11/13/2020 6:59:14 PM
Classic NoScript as used with SM has a policy function (ABE: <>) which can be used to enable scripts selectively; not yet implemented for the WebExtensions version.

For instance, if you don't globally enable, many sites that use that domain instead of to test our knowledge of US street furniture through JavaScript will fail to allow you to log in. Using ABE you can selectively enable for such sites.


11/13/2020 11:39:58 PM
Tested in my SM 2.53.4 with no extensions and didn't see any this & that loading.

I do have all the user tracking settings enabled, prompt selected for Location Aware Browsing, and both Safe Browsing settings enabled in Preferences > Privacy & Security.

The Stop button would occasionally turn red, and I would see activity in the upper left video where the ads play.

OS: Ubuntu Linux 18.04LTS - Gnome Desktop

11/14/2020 12:39:16 AM
Turn off JS on Fox News.
I never see any ads or videos or any sort of pop ups.
11/14/2020 3:01:18 AM
Details of how to do so?

Frosted Flake
11/15/2020 12:18:30 AM
JS =3D JavaScript (which is NOT Java)

See my 12 November reply in this thread.

David E. Ross
11/15/2020 3:29:51 AM
My solution is similar to David Ross'.
A disable js extension.
uBlock Origin ad blocker.
BluHell firewall.
and a button to turn off html5.

Many different ones are directly available for SM or can be converted from FF to SM.  Find ones that work well and you that you like.
11/15/2020 4:19:03 AM
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