Scrolling with Mouse wheel Problems with Flash in Firefox ( (Linux) + newest Adobe Flash Linux)


I have the problem that when I use my mouse wheel to scroll down a
page and happen to have my cursor come over a flash object, the
scrolling stops.

Obviously the mouse wheel commands are sent to the Plugin, even though
I have never brought it to focus with a click. The windows version of
Firefox behaves different in this matter. It allows continues
scrolling without stop.

The stop is very unsettling, especially if you don't use a mouse
directly but an emulated mouse.

First of all:  I don't want to install a flash blocker but rather find
a solution than a workaround with "additional" work at hand.

I would like to know:

a) What's the reason for the different behavior between Windows and
Linux Version? Is it because of the Browser itself? Is it because of
the flash plugin? Is the plugin rendered differently? Is it a problem
with the window manager (which is set to click on focus in my case)?

b) Is there some known method to correct this Problem directly, with
an extension or even changing of the source code?

I am asking here in hopes somebody has developer knowledge about this
problem and is willing to share it. I've exhausted my methods of
browsing the web, this newsgroup (the topic was mention in one or two
spots only, never to be solved) and even starting to look at the
source code. Before I dive into it and spend days looking for the
problem and not even finding it, I hope somebody has detailed

Thanks in advance,
~ tcmsurfer
2/15/2008 12:22:57 PM 24319 articles. 10 followers. Post Follow

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