Problem loading Flash CS5.5 AS 3.0 MP3 Player in Firefox

I posted this in Firefox and was
told to post it in an add-on forum instead. I was told that was not
the right place either. Hopefully this is.

I created a MP3 Player in Flash CS5.5 using Action Script 3.0. It uses
SharedObject to save the volume and stop/pause settings so the client
will only have to set the volume/stop/pause once, not every time a
page is loaded/refreshed. I use SWFObject 2.0 to embed the player in
my web page. I am not sure where the problem is located, but IE 9 and
8 work as I expect them to. Firefox does not. In Firefox, when I press
pause, then play, the track shows it is reloading even though the song
is already loaded. Also, I cannot press any of the buttons on the
player until the load is finished (100%). If I do press them before it
is 100% loaded, none of them work until I do a refresh and then wait
again for a reload. In IE9 and IE8, when I press pause and then play,
the song starts where it left off. You may see the HTML code in my web
site, it is on the home page of letsdancevacations that is a dot com
site. I cannot find the answer. Please is there anyone that can help?
When I am in CS5.5 and select Publish Preview;HTML... it brings up the
player in Firefox and it does not initiate a reload on pause/play. The
problem appears to be stemming from the reload when the player is
started on my Web Page. In the Publish Preview it comes up with the
song loaded and does not reload on pause/play and stop/play. Could
this be an interface between my web host and Firefox? I have ruled out
SWFObject because I created a testFlash.htm page that does not use
SWFObject. It was copied from the HTML code that was generated in the
Publish Preview. If the MP3 player works on Firefox when it is
published as a test in CS5.5, but does not work when published on a
web page, what in the world can be the cause???? I also put the files
on my desktop, ran the player in Firefox from there and everything
works fine. My web host said it was an action script problem first,
but I did not understand how that could be if it works fine from my
desktop. Now they say it is a problem with Firefox. Are there any
settings for Firefox that are used when something is executed from the
Internet published page vs from my desktop?
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