Forcing FF to remember "forbidden" data

Is there any way to get FF to store entries for data when the site in 
question blocks that process?  Case in point, one example of many, my 
Comcast bill.  When I go online to pay it, the site "lets" my browser 
fill in things like my name & address, but refuses to "let" the browser 
store my 16 digit credit card number.  In fact, the page won't even let 
me PASTE THE NUMBER into the blank requesting it. All the while asking 
me "Would you like us to store your credit card information for future 
payments?", as though huge corporations carelessly losing/being hacked 
for customer data isn't one of the main threats to online security & 
privacy.  Anyone know of a way to force the browser to let ME DECIDE 
whether or not to let MY COMPUTER store MY INFORMATION?


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