Firefox 6.1.0esr failing to fully run in App-V 5.1/Critrx shared workspace

Hi all,

I built a custom Firefox ESR installer based on the Mozilla documentation, =
and it works fine on physical systems. However. when I try to run Firefox i=
n a Citrix shared desktop environment, as an App-V app, Firefox does not co=
mpletely load when launched. Here's a screenshot.

The profile gets created, the bookmarks I configured appear, but the home p=
age does not start to load, and I can't navigate. All of the UI elements so=
rt of work (menus open, buttons show they are pressed), but nothing actuall=
y happens.

I'm not the Citrix admin, just the guy who customised the installer and sen=
t it to the Citrix admin :)=20

Any idea what is going wrong, and how to fix it?
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