*Yahoo.com and Aol.com addresses are going to be unsubscribed from this mailing list*

Hi All,
In recent weeks, we've had an issue of a bot subscribing hundreds of 
yahoo.com and aol.com addresses per day to multiple Mozilla mailing 
lists. While the issue is being investigated, I and several other list 
administrators have put a block on yahoo.com and aol.com addresses from 
subscribing. I've unsubscribed many known bot addresses, but there are 
many unknown addresses.
Therefore, after I post this, I'm going to unsubscribe all yahoo.com and 
aol.com addresses from the mailing list.
*NOTE* This only applies to the mailing list, not the newsgroup or the 
Google group.
I'll also check previous posts for humans using Yahoo or AOL addresses, 
and not unsubscribe those addresses.
If your Yahoo or AOL address is unsubscribed, here are your options:
* re-subscribe to the mailing list using an address in a different domain
* subscribe to this forum through the newsgroup. For instructions, visit 
* subscribe to this forum through Google Groups - 
Mailing list/Newsgroup moderator
7/18/2018 1:04:11 AM
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