Successful Bugzilla Installation after 3 days of Hell - Verzion version 5.0.6

Be forwarned:  Do NOT try to install Bugzilla with the latest version of My=
SQL.  They fixed a lot of things that broke a lot of Bugzilla things.  I wa=
s able to succeed with a version as current as 8.0.1 but I don't believe th=
at you can go later. =20

There was also tremendous problems with Activestate Perl and the way that t=
hey changed from PPM to online builds and downloads of .msi files to deploy=
, etc.  Not great.

I was able to succeed with Strawberry Perl. =20

There REALLY should be system requirements to tell users what versions of w=
hat to use instead of just MINIMUMS, at least telling users what HASN"T bee=
n tested as of yet.  I wont get those 3 days back but at least it now works=

The biggest problem with Mysql is that it now enforces Keywords, and the ke=
yword that was the biggest issue was GROUPS.  If you encase the table names=
 in single quotes there is no problem, and most developers now follow that =
practice for all table names, just in case.  This would have to be done to =
Bugzilla to bring it up to the latest Mysql.=20

Thanks for all the help, especially from Thorsten that put me on the right =
track for a few things.
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