Omit time component of custom date/time field from bug lists


I have searched the group, looked at the docs, and even browsed the source =
code. Surely others have asked this and I apologize if I just haven't seen =
that--I just can't imagine I'm the first one.

Anyway, we need some custom dates in Bugzilla 3.6. No problem--there is a "=
date/time" field format for custom fields. This works great. The problem is=
 that we absolutely do not care about TIMES. We only care about dates. We c=
an live with the superfluous "time" string that gets appended to the date o=
nce it has been saved, in the bug edit page. But for lists of bugs, the sup=
erfluous time string (which in our case is and always will be "00:00:00") t=
akes up a ton of precious horizontal space in the column output. This is co=
mpounded by the multiple custom dates we need to display in one list.

Question: how can I most simply and most safely omit the TIME portion (00:0=
0:00) from all custom date field display in bug lists?

(I don't mind if it keeps showing up in bug EDIT pages. We can live with th=

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Pretty shocked to get no replies, but thanks much anyway.

For posterity's sake, here's what I did in buglist.cgi down in the results retrieval section (while (my @row = $buglist_sth->fetchrow_array()) { ):

    if ($bug->{'cf_duedate'}) {
        $bug->{'cf_duedate'} = substr($bug->{'cf_duedate'},0,10);
    if ($bug->{'cf_betadate'}) {
        $bug->{'cf_betadate'} = substr($bug->{'cf_betadate'},0,10);
    if ($bug->{'cf_testdate'}) {
        $bug->{'cf_testdate'} = substr($bug->{'cf_testdate'},0,10);

My three dates are cf_duedate, cf_betadate, and cf_testdate.

I saw some "special formatting" for things like changeddate so I followed that model to hack the output of these fields prior to the bug being added to the stack. Seems to work fine.
12/28/2010 11:29:57 PM

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