Error reading file 'UNOPENED' when installing Testopia


I am receiving the following error when I am trying to install
Testopia on Windows. I was able to get Bugzilla to install.

Error reading file =91UNOPENED=92 (Errcode: 9)

I was trying to follow this part of the instructions:

C:\<apache path>\htdocs\bugzilla> for %i in (*.cgi) do ("<MySQL path>
\bin\replace.exe" "#!/usr/bin/perl" "#!C:\perl\bin\perl" -- %i)
C:\<apache path>\htdocs\bugzilla> for %i in (*.pl) do ("<MySQL path>
\bin\replace.exe" "#!/usr/bin/perl" "#!C:\perl\bin\perl" -- %i)
C:\<apache path>\htdocs\bugzilla\Bugzilla> for %i in (*.pm) do
("<MySQL path>\bin\replace.exe" "#!/usr/bin/perl" "#!C:\perl\bin\perl"
-- %i)


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