Adding time for past dates dates or correcting a time entry

Hi all,

We are using Bugzilla to record time spent on bugs. Is there a way for
a person to add time on a previous date?

Or is there a way to correct an entry?

I can access the DB by an ODBC connector, but I'm reluctant to change
the date in bugs_activity table.


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On Jul 29, 3:58=A0pm, Sanjay Jain <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We are using Bugzilla to record time spent on bugs. Is there a way for
> a person to add time on a previous date?
> Or is there a way to correct an entry?
> I can access the DB by an ODBC connector, but I'm reluctant to change
> the date in bugs_activity table.
> Thanks
> Sanjay

When I miss entering time on a bug, my process involves adding the
time and then editing the comment/details in the database. I edit the
corresponding row in bugs_activity, updating the bug_when column to
the correct time & date. Next, I edit the corresponding row in
longdescs and update the bug_when column there, too.

My process is very manual, and it's not a production environment (so I
can take shortcuts). But that's just an idea of what I do.
8/2/2011 4:15:04 PM

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