Saving "Surf Sessions" on Firefox instead of "bookmarking all tabs"

Name:    Sebastián Zegers
Email:   szegersatgmaildotcom
Product: Firefox
Summary: Saving "Surf Sessions" on Firefox instead of "bookmarking all tabs"

I love your product, and use it daily, and there is one feature that i
believe could work GREAT in the next version.

I work with tabs all the time, specially when i'm just surfing,
investigating subject i don't know of, looking for an especific product
or video or blog. Many times, i have to stop my work to resume it later,
and all i can do is "Save All Tabs" but it's not quite perfect.

The way i think it SHOULD work is this: you should be able to "Save a
Surfing/Browsing Session", and title it, and then open it later with all
tabs just like you left them, to continue your browsing where you left.

I hope you consider this suggestion, for i really believe it would make
our firefox experience even more pleasant and organic.

Sebastián Zegers, graphic designer 'n illustrator, Chile

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