Linking Ability with "Save As" or "Save As PDF"

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Product: Firefox
Summary: Linking Ability with "Save As" or "Save As PDF"
The reason I mostly use Safari is that it has the ability of linking
anything that I save to my desktop.  If I'm, say, doing a search using
something like Google, I can click on various links at the moment but if
I want to be able to do that later I can't so I copy my search word(s)
or phrase onto Google using Safari and then just make the search page
into a "document" and park it on my desktop.  I can also do the same
with any website that I'm on while using Safari.  It's a HUGE PLUS.  To
be honest, I don't even like using anything but Safari because if I come
across something that I want to access later I need to copy the web
address, activate Safari, paste the address in and get back to that web
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11/29/2009 2:44:57 AM
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