Firefox installation over existing firefox

Name:    David May
Email:   daviddotmayataffiliatewindowdotcom
Product: Firefox
Summary: Firefox installation over existing firefox

I noticed that when you have an existing version of Firefox on a PC and
you install your new Firefox 3.0.1 over it the browser opens and it
informs the user that they have updated Firefox but informs the user
that they seem to be running a different version rather than the version 3.

The address bar reads:

but as mentioned the screen says different, in this case i have:

"your now running Firefox"

I also noticed that after installing the new version that if the user
clicks on the help tab and selects 'about mozilla' it does mention that
the version is 3.0.1 although the welcome screen says different

It maybe a minor bug, but it maybe worth mentioning this to users upon
downloading the firefox software or updating from a lower version to
3.0.1 to unistall previous versions and save any bookmarks

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