Firefox, and Firefox Portable

Name:    Brian
Email:   silverdragona1ataol
Product: Firefox
Summary: Firefox, and Firefox Portable

After several hefty fallouts with AOL, and the complete dogs dinner we
are presented with that they claim is worthy of using, be it the AOL9
browser, I decided to try Firefox.... 
I am very annoyed.
Why?... because stupidly, I had not tried Firefox EARLIER....
I have now replaced AOL9 completely on all the family computers with

I am also TOTALLY bewildered as to how you can get a fully functioning
Firefox to run on a USB Flash Drive.........

I now carry Firefox on my Keyring, with all the Bookmarks, settings, and
everything else I have on my Desktop version, and can use it on other
computers, and immediately find what I want.....

Internet Explorer is gathering DUST....

People see the Firefox I have, and want the same....

I now also carry a full installation file to install Firefox on other
peoples computers.....

Look you Guys (and Girls), if you ever get round to writing a full O/S,
Microbodge will be in trouble..... 

I am off to find a decent Linux copy now.... what do you lot reccon to

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3/24/2008 12:54:57 AM
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