Firefox 3.0 & Firefox 2.0

Name:    Kenneth Chen
Email:   kennethchen135athotmaildotcom
Product: Firefox
Summary: Firefox 3.0 & Firefox 2.0

I've used the newest version of Firefox 3.0 & found
not satisfactory to read Chinese language of Character
Code "Traditional Big 5".  The words overlap to each
other & are difficult to read.  Some websites of English
language are still in the version of Firefox 2.0.  So the
lines of some part of the website are overlapping and are 
difficult to read in the version Firefox 3.0. The website
of Westpac Bank is an example.  The 
"log out box" mix with other line of words.  

I would like to suggest to postpone the proposed date 
of terminating the use of Firefox 2.0 in December 2008 so
that the website providers have more time to change their 
websites to suit the version of Firefox 3.0.

Thanks for your attention. 

Kenneth CHEN  

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9/7/2008 11:42:50 AM
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