Feedback on feedback mechanism

Name:    Robin Wylie
Email:   robindotwylieatgmaildotcom
Product: Firefox
Summary: Feedback on feedback mechanism

It might be nice if clicking the "send feedback" bookmarklet didn't take
you away from the page you're currently on? Maybe a new window might be
better. Or a javascript based new window might be a better way of doing
it. Just so the user doesn't lose the page they were on when they
decided to give feedback - apart from anything else, there might be
important info on that page's rendering that they may want to look at
while they're filling out their feedback.

Again, thanks for this new release - as mr. maccy d himself would say,
I'm lovin' it. 


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Note to readers: Hendrix gives no expectation of a response to this feedback 
but if you wish to provide one you must BCC (not CC) the sender for them to 
see it.
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