My feedback on ebay Firefox companion

Name:    Simon Skilling
Email:   simondotskillingatslavetothescreendotcom
Product: eBay Companion
Summary: My feedback on ebay Firefox companion

Hi, great idea, and mostly nice execution - just a
couple of points. 
The warning 'This list is only showing a limited
amount of your listings' cannot be permanently
disabled. This becomes quite annoying if you always
have more than a few items in your list.
Also when you select a subset for your list (e.g.
Watching) there is a heading of 'Watching' on each
item. There's no need for this - as everything is a
watched item, because that's what I chose! So there
is needless space taken up with all these headings. I
understand the need for the headings in a view such
as 'Active' but not when all are the same type.
Many thank,

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