superreview denied: [Bug 380984] NPAPI symbols hidden in libnullplugin. so and

Johnny Stenback <> has denied Karl Tomlinson
<>'s request for superreview:
Bug 380984: NPAPI symbols hidden in and

Attachment 265249: patch using PR_EXTERN

------- Additional Comments from Johnny Stenback <>
Hmm, odd. I never realized that npapi.h depends on nspr. It really shouldn't.
Plugins should be buildable using our headers w/o needing to include nspr
stuff, ideally.

Therefore, I'd rather see us duplicating the definition of PR_EXTERN (and
calling it NP_EXTERN or something) and making it do only what we need for
plugins for now.

With that change we'd get the same functionality w/o introducing more
dependencies on nspr (of which I don't actually see any right now). And one day
we should even remove that dependency, ideally.
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