converting string to small int problem

Hi all,
I have radiobutton (for male and female check) The problem I am getting error if I try to convert the string(Sex) to the database(smallint)

Here is my code:

    public class MakeAppointment
     private MakeApptEntities newAppointment = new MakeApptEntities();

        public void add( string FirstName, string LastName,  string Sex) {

       tbl_MakeAppointment_MA nAppt = new tbl_MakeAppointment_MA();
       tbl_PatientDetails_PD pDetails = new tbl_PatientDetails_PD(); 
                            pDetails.PD_FirstName = FirstName;
                            pDetails.PD_LastName = LastName;
                            pDetails.PD_Sex = Convert.ToInt16(Sex);

can anybody help please?
Ashraf (1)
12/16/2014 7:49:00 AM 29307 articles. 3 followers. Post Follow

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