Firefox preferences for debugging and debugging methods

1. which preferences could be changed in a not-debug Firefox build to
improve debugging? Currently I know only

2. Do those preferences slow down Firefox? If not, why don't you
enable them by default for nightly builds?

3. Is there same smart methods and/or programs to debug Firefox? For
now I know only WinDbg and --console parameter.
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On Sat, Jun 28, 2008 at 7:38 AM, Lucas Malor <> wrote:
> 1. which preferences could be changed in a not-debug Firefox build to
> improve debugging? Currently I know only
> javascript.options.showInConsole.

I also have javascript.options.strict set to true, but it's not nearly
as important a preference as the one you mentioned for testing.
I also have layout.css.report_errors set to false, just because it's
flooding the error console too much.

> 2. Do those preferences slow down Firefox? If not, why don't you
> enable them by default for nightly builds?

I don't think so. That might be a good idea.
I see you filed for it.

> 3. Is there same smart methods and/or programs to debug Firefox? For
> now I know only WinDbg and --console parameter.

I use VC Express, I like it more than WinDBg for debugging things.
I also use it to build Mozilla: might give you some ideas.

I use the dom inspector a lot to find why something displays badly or
to make minimized testcases.

The javascript debugger might be a useful tool to you, although I
never have understood how to make use of it.
I sometimes use LiveHTTPHeaders if I want to know which headers are
being sent/received.
I guess Firebug might be useful too (although I never use it).

> dev-quality mailing list

Martijn Wargers - Help Mozilla!
irc:// - /nick mw22
6/30/2008 6:53:28 PM

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