Firefox beta (build 2) and 3.0.5 beta (build 1) now available


Candidate builds of Firefox and 3.0.5 are now available for  

You can get the builds at: 

If you have previously downloaded a beta version of either Firefox 2.0  
or 3.0 or have manually set your copy to be using the "beta" release  
channel for updates, you can update yourself to Firefox /  
3.0.5 by selecting "Help > Check for Updates".

The status for Firefox / 3.0.5 can be found here:

If you see any issues with this build of Firefox or 3.0.5,  
please report them in Hendrix ( or by  
filing a bug in Bugzilla.

Please note: This is the last planned release of Firefox  
This version does not include Phishing Protection. All users are urged  
to upgrade to Firefox 3.



(follow up to dev-planning) 
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