thunderbird strings for editor/ui/ moving

Hi all - in bug 1571687 we plan to copy over the strings of editor/ui 
into mail/.

Thunderbird message composition uses parts of editor/ui, which is the 
old standalone html editor. This editor is however, effectively defunct, 
and there are a lot of entangled code in the related files. A lot of the 
files contains code that only partly is ever used in Thunderbird.

To clean things up, and do other changes such as <grid> removal and 
transitioning to Fluent efficiently, we plan to move all the editor 
related code that is used by Thunderbird into mail/, and abandoning editor/.

In this transition, the l10n files will also move. We plan to run hg 
copy over all the l10n repositories so that localizers do not have to 
re-translate anything.


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