Subtitle of "What's New" video on Firefox 13 "What's New" Page

I'd seen lots of subtitle improvements on "What's New" video of Firefox 13 on Amara stayed in the draft status and wait for approve. Is there anybody follow the revision of movie on following change?

Their must be problems that we showing the subtitled on "what's new" page with Amara UI, allowed peoples to improve it directly with Amara, but no mention about that they need to wait for someone's review and approve. We just can't make contributor wondering why the subtitled stay on draft for life long time.

Also is there anyone who watch behind the Amara for subtitle modifing? I'd contact our locale l10n owner, even him don't know the "Mozilla" group and privilege things on Amara. Shouldn't we give the approve privilege to l10n owner and make them concern on the subtitled modify? 

r5 on Albanian
r2 on Arabic
r2 on zh-cn
r5 on zh-tw
r2 on cs
r7 on dv
r0 on fi
r2 on de
r2 on el
r4 on he
r0 on hu
r3 on it
r2 on ko
r0 on ky

This is only half of the locale. We just have too many Mozillians doing their best job on improve anything l10n of mozilla include the above subtitle, that I'm lacking of time to check each all to the end of locale list.
It's obvious we push the l10n procedure on video subtitle too soon to be done, and world is not ready, again.

@ irvinfly: community liaison ( Mozilla Taiwan community

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