Re: [b2g] Non-TEF geeksphone feedback.

On 2013-05-24, 10:16 GMT, Chris Lord wrote:
> The Peak is a markedly less good experience - Screen update=20
> performance is much worse (possibly due to bad drivers) and there are=20
> a lot of annoying niggles. Audio volume is fine though, so that's=20
> a bonus :)

As a happy (really!) owner of Peak (for my own money), let me add couple=20
of notes here:

> holiday as I need working navigation (the GPS on the Peak never worked=20
> for me - Keon took a long time to get a fix, but worked fine)

Just to say, GPS works for me with the Geeksphone=E2=80=99s image from=20 (that=E2=80=99s=20 ATM). It is pretty slow=20
to find the location, but not drastically worse than on Nexus S with=20
Jelly Bean.

> - Touch latency is dramatically better. This is a big one that I feel=20

Yes. Target seems to be crazily small (which may relate to the missing=20
DPI recognition in 1.0.1) and somehow not always at the right place. For=20
example, to kill an app from the Task Switcher I need usually three to=20
five attempts to succeed.

> Specific to the Peak:
> - Although there are fewer hitches and things load quicker, the render=20
> performance is much worse than the Keon

I haven=E2=80=99t any graphics demanding apps, but for the general use I do=
see drastic problems (well, I wouldn't see them anyway as the fonts are=20
so small ;))

> - On the 1.x images, apps and the browser display things unusably small


> - Various odd connectivity issues - data transfer often stops working=20
> after about a day or so

Also, I was used to from Android, that when on WiFi 3G is always
suspeneded (even though still on). It seems to me that I am gaining on=20
used 3G bandwidth even when I am on wifi (it could be the problem of the=20
Usage app).

> - Sometimes rebooting gets stuck for very long amounts of time/forever -=
> powering off and turning on again seems unaffected though.

I haven't observed it.

> The Peak I find to be borderline-unusable - there just seems to be no=20
> combination of software on it at the moment that can match up to the=20
> Keon. I've worked (and will continue to work) on a few of the issues,=20
> but I realise this isn't priority.

I have never had Keon in my hand (I was afraid that it will be=20
underpowered, so I rather bought Peak, and now I feel that I=E2=80=99ve got=
a shorter piece of straw).

> I'd also be worried that not saying anything about it makes us look=20
> like we either aren't aware, or don't care, neither of which are the=20
> case.

I would really really appreciate if somebody could make Geeksphone to=20
produce nightlies ... I don't mind to use Fedora/Rawhide,=20
Debian/unstable, or Firefox/Thunderbird/nightly (the latest two I do, OS=20
I have development version of RHEL-7 which is from to time quite an=20
experience as well), but I do have to have expectations that all bugs=20
are fixed fast.  To have proof-of-the-concept quality software and no=20
updates, makes me really wonder, whether MoFo and Geeksphone are=20


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