Music app has new metadata parsing (be sure to make reset-gaia!)

tl;dr: Run make reset-gaia if you want everything to play nice, since
the music app needs new permissions.

This is just a notice to everyone that as of now, the music app's ID3
parser is *significantly* improved. The main changes are to support
unsynced ID3 tags and external album art (the app looks for folder.jpg,
cover.jpg, or front.jpg in the same directory as the song). The former
should greatly reduce the number of mp3s whose metadata we can't parse.
I've also fixed a few bugs with some lesser-used ID3 features, and added
a whole bunch of unit tests.

You should probably run make reset-gaia for this, since the music app
now needs permission to access the pictures device storage area.
(However, the music app *does* upgrade the database of music and will
trigger a rescan of all the files in order to take advantage of the
metadata improvements.)

This is a pretty big change, and a long time coming (over a year!), so
I'm glad to have it landed. If you find any issues, don't hesitate to
file a bug. (Although note that the metadata parser still doesn't do
*everything* it ought.)

For more info, see

- Jkim
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