CMake build

Mozilla has made public the code I worked on for them.  It is an
incomplete Autoconf + GMake --> CMake translator.  It was designed to
translate the stuff that appears in Mozilla's 400MB source code tree.
It hasn't been tested against their entire tree, only the against the
largest, worst files in their tree.  I'm willing to advise anyone
who wants to try to get the code working for their own purposes.

I do not know if Mozilla is still interested in migrating to a CMake
build system.  I was unable to complete it for them.  Volunteer open
source developers could probably complete it, however.  The translator
is a big step in the right direction for tackling such a large build
tree.  I estimate that it would take 2..4 man-months to
complete the build, assuming the person working on it is either a
CMake expert, or intimately knowledgeable of the Mozilla build.  One
needn't be both, but a base of core expertise would be required.

Brandon Van Every
2/12/2008 3:33:41 PM 1761 articles. 0 followers. Post Follow

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On Feb 12, 10:33 am, "Brandon J. Van Every" <>
> I'm willing to advise anyone
> who wants to try to get the code working for their own purposes.

I don't monitor this forum regularly so please send me e-mail if
you're interested.

Brandon Van Every
2/13/2008 10:59:33 PM

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