"Me" is better than "You"

Yes I know, strings are frozen.
But let me talk about it, I really can't get through the idea of a PC 
talkin to me.

I consider my PC as an extension of myself, not a dumb companion who 
addresses Me as You. Yes there are times when I get angry with Him while 
I work and get wrong calculations etc.., but it really is my fault, Me 
using wrong istructions and eventually wanting to find someone else to 
blame, but it's Me. And yes, I consider Thunderbird my mail program, 
reading my mail on my PC as Me.

So I personally like to have Me in the header bar as a compact address 
not You.
"Hey, You got mail!" no no no I got mail, trough You....

Do You understand Me?
10/2/2009 12:29:17 PM
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