Strange files: .fxsnapshot files under /tmp directory


Since the day before (Feb 15), I have seen strange files with names ending with
".fxsnapshot" under /tmp directory.
(I am using Debian GNU/Linux 64-bit.
I use official 32-bit linux TB binary and
also build native 64-bit C-C TB binary for testing. I also use iceweasel (a
native Debian version of firefox) and/or firefox 64-bit version.)

I was worried that some malware started to produce these files, but
searching by google, these files may be performance profile data, especially
for memory usage produced for mozilla software.

The number of files is rather large, though, and I suspect that
C-C TB binary created locally and tested produce such files.
(But I am not sure.)
See the dir listing of /tmp below.

I wonder
 - how I can stop creating such performance profile data being created and left
   under /tmp, and
 - how can I make use of the .fxsnapshot files to learn the memory usage(?) to
   better lean the memory usage behavior of mozilla software (TB or FF?) that
   produced the data.
   Leaving a profile data is one thing, but make use of it is quite another.
   It is rather disappointing to see data gathering is in place, but
   a user/developer is not informed about how to take advantage of it.


cf. Listing under /tmp

ishikawa@debian-vbox-ci:/tmp$ ls *.f*
10170.fxsnapshot	  40400.fxsnapshot   4533.fxsnapshot  5747.fxsnapshot
11010.fxsnapshot	  4051.fxsnapshot    4541.fxsnapshot  5768.fxsnapshot
11148.fxsnapshot	  4136.fxsnapshot    4554.fxsnapshot  5857.fxsnapshot
12009.fxsnapshot	  4159.fxsnapshot    4556.fxsnapshot  5916.fxsnapshot
12089.fxsnapshot	  4165.fxsnapshot    4570.fxsnapshot  5922.fxsnapshot
12161.fxsnapshot	  4170.fxsnapshot    4633.fxsnapshot  6028.fxsnapshot
12903.fxsnapshot	  4175.fxsnapshot    4653.fxsnapshot  6078.fxsnapshot
13305.fxsnapshot	  4197.fxsnapshot    4670.fxsnapshot  6097.fxsnapshot
13468.fxsnapshot	  4254.fxsnapshot    4683.fxsnapshot  6263.fxsnapshot
13669.fxsnapshot	  4264-1.fxsnapshot  4731.fxsnapshot  6293.fxsnapshot
14438.fxsnapshot	  4264.fxsnapshot    4734.fxsnapshot  6393.fxsnapshot
14473.fxsnapshot	  4288.fxsnapshot    4735.fxsnapshot  6427.fxsnapshot
14493.fxsnapshot	  4294.fxsnapshot    4772.fxsnapshot  6621.fxsnapshot
14520.fxsnapshot	  4296.fxsnapshot    4783.fxsnapshot  6649.fxsnapshot
14549.fxsnapshot	  4298.fxsnapshot    4800.fxsnapshot  6794.fxsnapshot
1455515202037.fxsnapshot  4305.fxsnapshot    4802.fxsnapshot  6930.fxsnapshot
1455619581155.fxsnapshot  4307.fxsnapshot    4885.fxsnapshot  7158.fxsnapshot
14657.fxsnapshot	  4327.fxsnapshot    4920.fxsnapshot  7227.fxsnapshot
14684.fxsnapshot	  4334.fxsnapshot    4956.fxsnapshot  7376.fxsnapshot
14716.fxsnapshot	  4335.fxsnapshot    5001.fxsnapshot  7508.fxsnapshot
14737.fxsnapshot	  4337.fxsnapshot    5114.fxsnapshot  7857.fxsnapshot
14822.fxsnapshot	  4378.fxsnapshot    5157.fxsnapshot  8134.fxsnapshot
14828.fxsnapshot	  4380.fxsnapshot    5221.fxsnapshot  8164.fxsnapshot
14903.fxsnapshot	  4439.fxsnapshot    5227.fxsnapshot  8165.fxsnapshot
14938.fxsnapshot	  4468.fxsnapshot    5239.fxsnapshot  8225.fxsnapshot
15101.fxsnapshot	  4475.fxsnapshot    5314.fxsnapshot  8230.fxsnapshot
17946.fxsnapshot	  4482.fxsnapshot    5438.fxsnapshot  8446.fxsnapshot
23678.fxsnapshot	  4493.fxsnapshot    5449.fxsnapshot  9186.fxsnapshot
32008.fxsnapshot	  4528-1.fxsnapshot  5488.fxsnapshot  9197.fxsnapshot
32089.fxsnapshot	  4528.fxsnapshot    5642.fxsnapshot
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On 17.02.2016 09:11, ishikawa wrote:
> I wonder
>  - how I can stop creating such performance profile data being created and left
>    under /tmp, and
>  - how can I make use of the .fxsnapshot files to learn the memory usage(?) to
>    better lean the memory usage behavior of mozilla software (TB or FF?) that
>    produced the data.
>    Leaving a profile data is one thing, but make use of it is quite another.
>    It is rather disappointing to see data gathering is in place, but
>    a user/developer is not informed about how to take advantage of it.

Generated by devtools/shared/heapsnapshot/HeapSnapshot.cpp

Apparently you can look at things in the devtools memory panel.


2/19/2016 5:26:29 PM

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