How to monitor Addon's behavior from browser's point of view

Hello Friends

I am creating firefox patch where I need to monitor addon if it tries to
access/track user specific data such as history or cookie in private
In case if any addon is doing that then browser should give prompt msg that
[ ex. abc addon ] addon is accessing history/cookie.

To do so I need to add module [Ex. XPCOM module ] to firefox to monitor
behavior of addons.
But I don't know which part of browser is responsible to give response to
calls from addons.
In all, I [browser] want to know when ever addon call function to access
history or cookie.

Is it possible to track it with the help of XPCOM ? How?

Lets consider addon called "track" has code:

# var cookieMgr =3D Components.classes[";1"]
# .getService(Components.interfaces.nsICookieManager);
# for (var e =3D cookieMgr.enumerator; e.hasMoreElements();) {
# var cookie =3D e.getNext().QueryInterface(Components.interfaces.nsICookie=
# dump( + ";" + + "=3D" + cookie.value + "\n"); // s=
ee for a list of attributes on
# }

Some how from browser's point of view I want to know that addon called
"track" calling cookie manager. How to track this addon ?
If I get this then I can modify response to this call according to my

Plz help...Any Suggestion is welcome.
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Bapat Ameya Devendra
National Institute of Technology,
Surathkal, Karnataka.
Contact No - 9591164025
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