Google Calendar now supports CalDAV - Need better "New Calendar" dialogs

Google Calendar now supports CalDAV! Great news!?

- What are the consequences of this for Mozilla Calendar? Better? How? 
It seems at least we don't need the "Provider for Google Calendar" 
add-on anymore!?

- Google's CalDAV "Location" includes the user's e-mail address 
(actually, the "Calendar ID") - including the "@" symbol. Can Mozilla 
Calendar handle this special symbol? (in my simple tests it does, but 
there might be other scenarios)

- It would be useful to be able to set the "Read Only" check-box while 
creating new (especially network) calendars. It kinda sucks to have to 
go back into Properties, just to set this for every shared calendar you 
don't have write access to (e.g., all family members or colleagues).

| Name:        [_________________] |
| Color:       [  ]                |
| Show Alarms: [x]                 |
| Read-only:   [x]                 |  <-- add this selection!
| E-Mail:      [________________V] |
|                                  |
| Select "Read Only" if you cannot |  <-- add explanation based on
| or don't want to be able to write|      which item has focus above!
| to this calendar. This should be |
| set for calendars others have    |
| shared with you, but for which   |
| you don't have "write" privileges|
|                                  |
|        [Back] |Next] [Cancel]    |

- Lightning 0.9 allows to select "Google Calendar" (Lightning 1.0pre 
too?). How is this different from the iCalendar or CalDAV selections? 
I've successfully used the iCalendar and CalDAV selections for my Google 

This also brings up the more general point that each bullet selection 
should yield an explaining text that appears in that dialog (or a 
tooltip - but that might be too much text for a tooltip):

| Format: ( ) iCalendar            |
|         ( ) CalDAV               |
|         ( ) Sun Java...          |
|         (o) Google Calendar      |
|                                  |
| Location: [___________________]  |
|                                  |
| The Google Calendar setting will |  <-- add explanation based on
| automatically...                 |      which item has focus above!
|                                  |
|        [Back] |Next] [Cancel]    |

PS. I don't have time to file bugs ATM. This post used-up all my 
available time. Sorry.

Peter Lairo

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