IBM's New Motion on Linux Aims to 'Call SCO's Bluff',1759,1638009,00.asp

IBM is trying to use SCO as a punching bag this week as Big Blue fires 
off another motion for partial summary judgment in its legal slugfest 
over Linux and Unix copyright issues.

IBM on Monday asked the U.S. District Court in Utah to rule that it 
should win immediately on its eighth counterclaim, which regards 
copyright infringement. In that counterclaim, IBM asserts that because 
The SCO Group Inc. has sold Linux�which included more than 783,000 lines 
of code of IBM's copyrighted material�the court should immediately grant 
IBM summary judgment and a permanent injunction.
Sired, Squired, Hired, RETIRED.
8/19/2004 9:46:40 PM
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