UK banks issuing contactless cards

Natwest are issuing contactless debit cards:

I guess, when you use one to buy a paper or coffee at the corner shop, your bank may take a modest fee per card 
transaction from the shop's bank? If so, it's clear why they like them!

I rang NatWest and was told that customers _can't_ opt-out in advance! But, when your card expires you will 
automatically be sent a contactless one, and - at that point -  you can call them then to ask for it to be replaced by a 
simple chip and pin card (non-contactless). That is simply inertia selling, forcing us to opt out after the fact!

I can see the attraction of the card to customers who want to make simple, fast purchase of low cost items (less than 
�20), without juggling loose change. But, I would prefer to be a late adopter when my debit card's attack surface is 
expanded (which it must be however safe they claim the added technology is, because the card can do extra stuff)! I want 
to wait and see what clever new scams for stealing money emerge before deciding to use it.

Martin Whitehead
2/17/2014 11:38:39 AM 16608 articles. 3 followers. Follow

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On 17/02/14 11:38, Martin Whitehead wrote:
> ...
> I rang NatWest and was told that customers _can't_ opt-out in advance!
> But, when your card expires you will automatically be sent a contactless
> one, and - at that point -  you can call them then to ask for it to be
> replaced by a simple chip and pin card (non-contactless). That is simply
> inertia selling, forcing us to opt out after the fact!
> ...
I was sent one from Lloyds a few days ago. I rang and told them I didn't 
want it so they said no problem I could have a plain chip and pin card, 
they'd send me one right away. Told me to destroy the new card. Also as 
this is a joint account, now marked for decline contactless, when my 
wife's is renewed they'll send her a plain one too.

So at least some banks are playing better.

2/18/2014 10:45:50 AM

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