Myguestbook Multiple Vulnerabilities

Posted on 24 February 2003

From: Frog Man <>

Informations :
Version : 3.0
Website :
Problems :
- XSS -> admin infos recovery
- Access to admin pages
PHP Code/Location :
If pseudo = [SCRIPT],
e-mail = >[SCRIPT]
or message = </textarea>[SCRIPT]

[SCRIPT] will be executed on index.php, /admin/user_modif.php, /admin/admin_modif.php and /admin/admin_suppr.php .

/admin/confirm_connect.php :

/admin/admin_pass.php, /admin/admin_index.php, /admin/admin_modif.php and /admin/admin_suppr.php :

Exploits :



Solution : ���������� A patch can be found on More Details :
In French :
Translated by Google :


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