How to remove parental controls from World of Warcraft

My son has graduated to social engineering... and I am regretting 
representing him as age 13 when he was 11.
He opened a ticket with WoW to say that as he is now 18 could they 
please remove the parental controls. He had to provide a photoshopepd 
id... and then Voila... not more parental control.

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On 2/20/2014 7:34 PM, Li wrote:
> My son has graduated to social engineering... and I am regretting
> representing him as age 13 when he was 11.
> He opened a ticket with WoW to say that as he is now 18 could they
> please remove the parental controls. He had to provide a photoshopepd
> id... and then Voila... not more parental control.
> Li
And that was okay with you?
2/21/2014 1:57:08 PM
On 2/21/2014 16:57, Tim wrote:
>> Li
> And that was okay with you?

Well the only person it is going to harm is himself - he should be 
studying for exams.

2/22/2014 1:41:03 AM

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