Dropbear SSH Server Format String Vulnerability

Posted on 20 August 2003

From: Joel Eriksson <je@bitnux.com>

0xbadc0ded Advisory #02 - 2003/08/17 - Dropbear SSH Server <= 0.34

Reference http://0xbadc0ded.org/advisories/0302.txt
PGP-key http://0xbadc0ded.org/advisories/pubkey.asc

Application Dropbear SSH Server <= 0.34
Discovered By Joel Eriksson <je@bitnux.com>
Researched By Joel Eriksson <je@bitnux.com>


Dropbear SSH Server is a small Secure Shell server suitable for embedded
environments. It implements various features of the SSH 2 protocol,
including X11 and Authentication agent forwarding.


A remotely exploitable format string vulnerability exists in the default
configuration of the Dropbear SSH Server up until version 0.35, which was
released shortly after Matt Johnston, the Dropbear developer, was notified
of the problem. Thanks for a quick response Matt!

The bug can be triggered by supplying a username with format specifiers and
make a login attempt. Since the user does not exist, the login attempt will
fail and the following code in auth.c will be executed:

"login attempt for nonexistant user '%s' from %s",
username, ses.addrstring);

To format the log message, vsnprintf() is used, the resulting buffer will be
passed to syslog() (unless dropbear is run in foreground or compiled with
DISABLE_SYSLOG defined). The formatted buffer is passed as a format string
to syslog() so if the username contains any format string specifiers, they
will be parsed. This can be used to overwrite arbitrary memory addresses
(such as function pointers) with userdefined data (such as the address to
shellcode supplied by the attacker).


Exploiting this bug was not entirely straightforward, but not far from
either. The total time from downloading and starting to audit the Dropbear
source until having developed a working exploit was just a few hours.
Instead of just presenting an exploit, I will describe the essential steps
of the process in detail here and make the exploit available from the
0xbadc0ded.org webpage at a later time.

I will also take the opportunity to mention that among the services that
Bitnux offer are code review, exploit development and technical training in
auditing and exploit development techniques. :-)

First, let's see if we can find the offset to our format string by using
%<N>$08X to log four bytes at offset N.

[root@vudo /home/je/dropbear-0.34]# ./dropbear -p 2222
[root@vudo /home/je/dropbear-0.34]# ssh -p 2222 'AAAA.%24$08X'@localhost
AAAA%24$08X@localhost's password:
[root@vudo /home/je/dropbear-0.34]# tail -2 /var/log/auth.log
Aug 16 20:04:43 vudo dropbear[14497]: login attempt for nonexistant user \
'AAAA.41414141' from
Aug 16 20:04:48 vudo dropbear[14497]: exited before userauth: error reading
[root@vudo /home/je/dropbear-0.34]#

Of course, a remote attacker would have to guess the offset (which in this
case is 24), but this is not much of a problem. It may vary depending on if
gcc-2.x or gcc-3.x is used for instance, since gcc-3.x adds a little padding
to buffers (supposedly to make 1-byte-overflows harmless), but the variation
won't be big.

The username is limited to 25 characters, which is a little too few for
traditional format string techniques where an entire 4-bytes pointer is
overwritten, using two or four overlapping writes (with %hn or %hhn
respectively). We also need to find a place for our shellcode, since there
obviously will not be enough place left in the username.
v By examining recv_msg_userauth_request() in auth.c we can see that three
strings are received: The username, the servicename and the methodname. We
are already using the username for our format string (and it is limited to
25 bytes, as mentioned), the servicename must be "ssh-connection" or the
connection will fail before the vulnerable code is executed, but the
methodname may be anything except "none" which is explicitly not allowed.

We can put as much as a little more than 30,000 characters in the
methodname-string. To do this, we have to modify an SSH-client of course, or
implement the SSH-protocol ourselves. I choosed to modify the SSH client
from OpenSSH.

I have already mentioned that there is not enough space for a format string
that overwrites an entire 4-bytes pointer, but we have more than enough
space to overwrite two bytes with an arbitrary value. By overwriting the two
upper bytes of the GOT-entry of a function that is used after syslog() has
been called, we have a very good chance being able to point it into the
methodstring with our shellcode.

Enough theory, let's see how it works out in practice. First I modified
OpenSSH to let me specify the method-string in an environment variable:

[je@vudo ~/openssh-3.6.1p2]$ SSH_METHOD=`perl -e 'print "A"x30000'` ./ssh -p
2222 \

Then I looked up the address of a suitable GOT-entry and attached with gdb
to the server-process:

[root@vudo /home/je/dropbear-0.34]# objdump -R dropbear | awk '$3 ==
08067590 R_386_JUMP_SLOT write
[root@vudo /home/je/dropbear-0.34]# ps auxw | grep dropbear | tail -1
root 14685 5.8 0.6 1912 840 pts/7 S 21:06 0:00 ./dropbear -p 2222
[root@vudo /home/je/dropbear-0.34]# gdb dropbear 14685
(gdb) x/x 0x8067590
0x8067590 <__JCR_LIST__+64>: 0x4012e6c0
(gdb) x/x 0x807e6c0
0x807e6c0: 0x41414141

As you can see, write()'s GOT-entry has the value 0x4012e6c0, and 0x0807e6c0
points into the method-string. Thus, to exploit this bug we could put
shellcode at the end of methodname and use the format string vulnerability
to write 0x0807 to 0x08067590+2.

This is a sample run of the exploit I developed for the vulnerability:

[je@vudo ~/openssh-3.6.1p2]$ ./dropdead
Linux/x86 Exploit for Dropbear SSH Server <= 0.34
By Joel Eriksson <je@0xbadc0ded.org>
Usage: ./dropdead ADDR [PORT] [HIADDR] [FPADDR]
[je@vudo ~/openssh-3.6.1p2]$ ./dropdead
uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)
[je@vudo ~/openssh-3.6.1p2]$


Upgrade to Dropbear version 0.35, or edit util.c and change:

syslog(priority, printbuf);


syslog(priority, "%s", printbuf);

Disclosure Timeline

2003/08/16 Notified Matt Johnston - The Dropbear developer
2003/08/16 Received response from Matt Johnston
2003/08/17 Public release

The 0xbadc0ded.org team is hosted and sponsored by Bitnux: www.bitnux.com
Bitnux is a newly founded company located in Sweden focused on security
research and system development. We offer services such as: - Code Reviews -
Exploit Development - Reverse Engineering of Code - Security Revisions of
Systems and Software - Custom System Development for Unix/Linux/BSD and
Windows E-mail : info@bitnux.com Phone : +46-70-228 64 16 Chat :

Regard: Joh@nnes
"If U know neither the enemy nor yourself,U will succumb in every battle"
8/20/2003 7:56:00 PM
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