F-Secure Internet Security 2003 vs NIS 2003

F-Secure Internet Security 2003 vs. NIS 2003 any experienced user can tell
me which one I should install on XP Pro?

6/12/2003 1:42:00 AM
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BOB wrote in news:bc8lpg$vu5$1@news.grc.com:

> F-Secure Internet Security 2003 vs. NIS 2003 any experienced user
> can tell me which one I should install on XP Pro?

No, but FWIW I avoid Symantec products like the plague.
6/12/2003 2:14:00 AM
In message <bc8lpg$vu5$1@news.grc.com>, BOB <rodaru@hotmail.com> writes
>F-Secure Internet Security 2003 vs. NIS 2003 any experienced user can tell
>me which one I should install on XP Pro?

An experienced user might suggest neither - perhaps.

It all depends on what you are trying to protect, and what other 
defences you have in place.

Me?  I wouldn't bother to use either, but another XP-Pro user might be 
well advised to use one or other in particular.

The problem is, if you give enough detail for an 'expert' to give an 
opinion in public, you've given enough detail for someone to realise the 
precise tools needed to hack you...

Try one of your (limited) two choices, and then get a friendly cracker 
to try to show your strategy up...


Jim Crowther                  "It's MY computer" (tm SMG)
One way to escape spam: <http://popfile.sourceforge.net/>
And another very good one:      <http://keir.net/k9.html>
6/12/2003 2:18:00 AM

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