Windows Server 2008, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Launched!

Largest enterprise launch in company history includes Windows Server 2008, 
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008; focuses on 
security, Web, virtualization and better business intelligence.

LOS ANGELES - Feb. 27, 2008 - Kicking off more than 225 events around the 
world and joined by more than 4,000 customers and partners, Microsoft Corp.'s 
Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer today showcased the next generation of 
infrastructure and application platform products, including Windows Server 
2008, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

The launch represents a major milestone to help customers on the road to 
Dynamic IT, Microsoft's initiative to help customers optimize their people, 
processes and technology, and in turn position IT as a strategic asset for 
their business. These new enterprise products help customers more 
efficiently and securely manage their entire infrastructure and move to a 
virtualized environment while also delivering business intelligence and 
next-generation Web experiences to boost business results. The theme of the 
events, "Heroes Happen Here," highlights the outstanding work that IT 
professionals, developers and partners do every day to create solutions and 
cutting-edge applications that keep global commerce and industry running.

"IT professionals and developers tell us they spend too much time and money 
managing existing systems and not enough investing in new capabilities that 
create strategic advantage," Ballmer said. "That feedback is at the core of 
the innovations in this new wave of products. Already, the overwhelming 
response from thousands of IT professionals and developers around the world 
is that this is the most secure enterprise platform we have ever delivered, 
and that it will simplify management and enable them to focus more on 
driving their businesses forward."

Big Benefits for Early Adopters

Researchers at consulting agency Capgemini looked at companies and 
institutions in the financial services, education, retail and 
high-technology industries using Windows Server 2008 in a mix of geographic 
regions. They found that the new operating system quickly adds value to IT 
operations through enhancements to management, security and reliability. On 
average, deployment duration was reduced by up to 60 percent and IT reduced 
costs by up to $124,000 per year. Cost reductions resulted from a wide range 
of areas, including the recovery of five IT staff hours per server and 91 
percent less downtime. A white paper detailing usage scenarios and providing 
more data on the impact of deploying Windows Server 2008 is available at

Already IT professionals and developers around the world are using Windows 
Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and test versions of SQL Server 2008 to 
implement more secure platforms and Web applications while reducing costs 
and speeding development.

With the introduction of Windows Server 2008, leading global communications 
provider Verizon Business will deliver this next-generation platform to its 
managed hosting customers worldwide, enabling them to achieve greater 
reliability, performance and control over their IT infrastructure. In 
addition, Microsoft's advanced Windows Deployment Services suite will allow 
Verizon Business to increase the speed of deployments and simplify 

"This next-generation technology means a great deal to our enterprise 
customers," said Michael Marcellin, vice president of product marketing at 
Verizon Business. "Through our long-standing relationship with Microsoft and 
as an early adopter of this technology, we are poised to continue to deliver 
innovative solutions to customers around the globe that will help them 
harness the power of the Internet."

Go Daddy, the largest paid, shared Web hosting provider in North America, 
with 27 million domain names under management, is incorporating the new 
Windows Server 2008 with Internet Information Services 7.0 (IIS7) software 
into its Windows hosting product line. In its testing, Go Daddy has seen a 
300 percent to 400 percent increase in server performance using the new 
technology. The performance gains will allow Go Daddy to run a more 
efficient and effective service for its shared hosting customers.

"We are excited to offer this technology to our customers," said Bob 
Parsons, CEO and founder of Go Daddy. "With more than 5 million customers 
around the globe, Go Daddy prides itself on using cutting-edge technology 
that will help enhance Web site performance and provide our customers with a 
solid foundation for their IT needs."

At Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions, the combination of Windows 
Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 enabled the creation of 
a cutting-edge Web site that provides near-instant access to real estate and 
neighborhood information about listings for sale, home values, schools and 
much more. The site operates significantly faster than was previously 
possible and was developed at a much lower cost.

"Not only is the new Web site visually cool - serving up customized content, 
3-D aerial views and animations 10 times faster than was possible with older 
technologies - but it also was created for approximately $1.4 million less 
than it would have cost using other development tools," said Marty Frame, 
senior vice president and general manager, Cyberhomes, Fidelity National 
Real Estate Solutions. "And, most important, visitors spend an average of 30 
minutes on the site per visit, four times the typical average for 
competitors' sites."

These companies are just a sampling of the more than 3 million customers 
that participated in early feedback programs or as beta testers during 
product development.

The performance improvements and enterprise-class features of SQL Server 
2008 and Windows Server 2008 have resulted in record-breaking results. Today 
Microsoft disclosed new world-record performance results on TPC-E and SAP 
Sales and Distribution (SD) Standard Application 3-tier benchmarks running 
on four-socket industry-standard blade servers.** Microsoft also published 
breakthrough performance benchmarks for several customer scenarios, 
including leading results on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics AX, 
Siemens Teamcenter and Camstar Manufacturing Execution Systems.

Microsoft also announced that Microsoft Windows Server 2008 with .NET 
Framework 3.5 delivers faster throughput than IBM WebSphere 6.1 on Red Hat 
Linux as shown through two new benchmark tests measuring scalability and 
performance in mission-critical enterprise scenarios. The sample application 
shows 117 percent better throughput of Windows Server using the IBM-designed 
Trade 6.1 benchmark; and Sun Microsystems' WSTest Web services benchmark 
demonstrates 94 percent better throughput on Windows Server when processing 
Web Service requests. More information on the results is available at

Partners See Opportunity

Microsoft has worked with more than 1,000 industry partners to help plan, 
build, test and deploy leading-edge solutions by providing early access to 
code, training and testing, and certification support. Hundreds of 
independent software vendors have demonstrated their support with the 
development of a wide variety of business applications for industries that 
include retail, accounting, commerce, engineering, financial services, 
healthcare, supply chain and more. In a related announcement, Microsoft 
detailed extensive investments in programs and tools for software and 
hardware partners. More information on the announcement is available at A 
full list of vendors offering applications certified for Windows Server 2008 
or pledging to provide support for their applications on Windows Server 2008 
can be found at

Further demonstrating support for the new products, more than 40 companies 
are making announcements today and more than 80 partners are participating 
in launch events around the world, including platinum sponsors Advanced 
Micro Devices Inc. (AMD), CA, Cisco Systems Inc., Citrix Systems Inc., Dell 
Inc., Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, Intel Corporation, Quest Software Inc., SAP AG 
and Unisys Corp. Highlighting the opportunity for industry partners, a 2007 
IDC study* predicts that for every $1 Microsoft earns from Windows Vista and 
Windows Server 2008 this year in the U.S., the ecosystem beyond Microsoft - 
software and hardware vendors that support or incorporate the products - 
will reap about $18 in revenue. In 2008, this ecosystem is predicted to sell 
more than $120 billion in products and services revolving around Windows 
Vista and Windows Server 2008.

Product Availability and Information

Windows Server 2008, including a beta version of the Hyper-V virtualization 
technology, and Visual Studio 2008 are available today. The 
feature-complete, February community technology preview of SQL Server 2008 
is also available, with general availability expected in the third quarter 
of 2008.

Later this year Microsoft will release the Windows Essential Server 
Solutions family of products for small and midsize companies built on 
Windows Server 2008 and the newest Microsoft server technologies and 
services: Windows Small Business Server 2008 and Windows Essential Business 
Server 2008. Windows HPC Server 2008, the successor to Windows Compute 
Cluster Server 2003, is on track for availability in the second half of 2008 
and is designed to increase productivity, scalability and manageability for 
high-performance computing scenarios. In addition, Windows Storage Server 
2008, the next-generation storage solution based on Windows Server 2008, 
will be available by the end of the year.

Additional information on the launch of Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 
and Visual Studio 2008 is available in the virtual pressroom at

{Einstein}-"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything 
that can be counted counts." 

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